Coaching Association of Canada

Events and Workshops

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) benefits from collaboration between the various partners invested in the program. We recognize the impact, value, and importance of these partners and the various events and workshops they hold throughout the year aimed at further developing Canada’s coaches.

There are currently over 225 sport-specific events and workshops that our partners, and you as coach participants, have outlined as valuable to your continued coach development. These events and workshops include (but are NOT limited to): 

  • Annual Conferences like the Petro-Canada Sport Leadership sportif Conference; CanoeKayak Provincial Conferences; American Baseball Coaches Association Convention; Coaching Manitoba Super-Seminar; British Columbia Learning Facilitators Professional Development Conference, etc.
  • Guest Speakers or Coaching Presentations delivered live or by webinar like Podium Series Coaching Presentations; Snowboard Learning Facilitator Online Updates, etc.
  • Skill Development Workshops or Modules like the BC Speed Skating Equipment Session – Blade Maintenance or the Biathlon Coaches Shooting Seminar;
  • Mentorship Programs like CurlSask Coach Mentor Program or High Performance Consultant Mentorships;
  • Coaching Symposiums like the OSSA Coaching Symposium;
  • Training Camps like Baseball Canada’s Junior National Team Spring Camp;
  • Technical Safety Courses like Sail Canada’s Boat Safety Course
  • Apprenticeship Programs like Saskatchewan Games Aboriginal Apprentices Program

For more information on pre-approved professional development opportunities specific to your sport that can be found in the Locker, please contact your National or Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization.