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Sept 17 - 25, 2016

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National Coaches Week is a week to celebrate the tremendous positive impact coaches have on athletes and communities across Canada. This week is an opportunity to recognize coaches for the integral role they play by simply saying #ThanksCoach.

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Coaches Week

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National Coaches Week features plenty of events across Canada from coach training, to coach recognition nights, there are lots of ways you can celebrate coaching! Click your province or territory to visit your Provincial or Territorial Coaching Representative’s website to learn more about events near you.

Want to host your own National Coaches Week event? We’ve created tons of tools to help you either get started, or make your event even better, you can download our Marketing Kit from the National Coaches Week homepage.

Your Provincial or Territorial Coaching Representatives are a great resource for event hosting so feel free to reach out to them for all of your National Coaches Week needs.


Together, the Coaching Association of Canada and the Provincial and Territorial Coaching Representatives gathered athletes from coast to coast to ask them why they wanted to say #ThanksCoach. Click on the coach's name below to read why their athlete(s) wanted to say #ThanksCoach!

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Ben Uliana, Squash
Heather Hennigar, Athlethics
Stephen James McBride, Sailing


Brent Lohmer, Powerlifting
Haylee O'Neill, Softball


Bruce Guitard, Athletics
Bob Davis, Biathlon


Katherine Alexander, Synchronized Swimming


David Kukuchi, Gymnastics


Alena Zoloto, Artistic Gymnastics
Patti Walsh, Short Track Speed Skating


Jeff Ellsworth, Softball
Jeff Ellsworth II, Softball
Judy Hale, Biathlon
Judy Hale II, Biathlon


Michel “Mitch” St-Georges, Curling


Lisa Thomaidis, Basketball
Scott MacAulay, Football


National Coaches Week wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Canadian Sport Community and its corporate partners. Founded through a collaboration of the Coaching Association of Canada and the Provincial and Territorial Coaching Representatives, National Coaches Week is proud to have invited all 67 National Sport Organizations, their hundreds of Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations, and the thousands of clubs across Canada to join us in celebrating the powerful positive impact of Canada’s coaches.

National Coaches Week’s corporate partners have exemplified their commitment to coaching by joining Canadians in saying #ThanksCoach as a partner in the inaugural National Coaches Week. National Coaches Week and all of its partner organizations would like to thank and recognize all of our corporate partners for their contribution.

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