Coaching Association of Canada

Coaching Research

Coaching research is an essential component of athlete and coach development. Our athletes need coaches who can apply the theoretical models and important findings of research to the practical reality of day-to-day coaching.

The CAC Initiates Research Studies 

Research studies funded by the CAC are intended to advance the coaching knowledge of Canada’s coaches, national sport organization technical experts, and sport scientists. The studies also inform the broader coaching and sport communities of coaching issues and solutions, promote coaching as a field of research, and stimulate interactions between practitioners and academics.

Through its leading-edge research studies, the CAC is fostering an attitude of continuous improvement and searching for better ways to enhance athlete and coach performance.

Partners in the Studies 

The studies are made possible through the financial support of Sport Canada. From time to time, other organizations also provide support.

Goal Arising from the Studies

The goal of the studies is to obtain data which will ensure that evidence-based decision making is applied to all CAC programs and will result in improved feedback.

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