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Looking for information on sport nutrition? Consult a Dietitian who specializes in sport nutrition!

  • Why you should look for a Dietitian:

    Dietitians are food and nutrition specialists.

    Dietitians have completed a university degree in food and nutrition, as well as an internship or other program of supervised practical education.

    People trained in other disciplines or courses often recommend foods or supplements. There seems to be a perception that everyone eats so everyone knows about food and nutrition. (Perhaps this explains why there are many myths about the food and nutrient needs of athletes). Many job titles include the word "nutrition" or "food". Ask if the person filling the job or giving the recommendation is a Dietitian.

    Dietitian, Registered Dietitian, and Professional Dietitian are protected titles in all parts of Canada; the title "Nutritionist" is also protected by law in Quebec. A person must meet a number of educational and training standards before they are allowed to use the professional designations RD, PDt or RDT. Many other titles are not protected. Individuals who have no food or nutrition training can use titles such as nutrition specialist and nutritional advisor.

As part of its Sport Nutrition program, CAC has established a registry of qualified nutrition resource persons who have experience in sport nutrition, some of whom currently work with high performance athletes and Canadian Sport Centres.

For more information with regards to the eligibility criteria required for membership in the Registry please click here.

CAC Sport Nutrition Registry

Disclaimer: The list of dietitians on this page is provided for informational purposes only and CAC does not endorse or recommend any of them. CAC assumes no responsibility or liability for consequences resulting from any reliance on advice from these practitioners.