Coaching Association of Canada

Responsible Coaching Movement

  • 3 Steps to Responsible Coaching
  • Keeping Sport Healthy and Safe

For Parents with Children in Sport

Participation in sports is a great way for children to learn skills, develop fitness habits, and build a solid understanding of teamwork and sportsmanship. It helps youth build confidence, self-esteem, and can foster positive body image development.

Coaches have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for their athletes. Parents have the right to speak with the coach or the coach's employer if they have questions or concerns about interactions with their child.  

Ask your coach, “Have you taken the 3 steps to Responsible Coaching?”

The 3 steps to Responsible Coaching help ensure athletes and coaches benefit fully from sport participation in a safe, healthy, and fun environment.

For Anyone Who Suspects Abuse

If you have a concern about a child and want to talk to someone, contact the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. If you suspect abuse, report it to your local child welfare and/or police.

Questions Parents Should Ask

Parents play a vital role in shaping the organizations in which their children are involved. By proactively supporting organizations to implement policies and procedures focussed on protecting athletes and coaches from unethical behaviour, parents contribute to the ongoing development of our sport system and ensure a positive environment for all.

Ways that a parent can become involved in the RCM include:

  1. Ask what type and level of training and/or certification does the organization require for their coaches?
  2. Ask what screening process does the organization use for coaches and volunteers?
  3. Ask if the organization taken the Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge?
  4. Ask if the organization have a Rule of Two Policy?
  5. Ask if the organization have an enforced Code of Conduct Policy?
  6. Ask what processes does the organization have in place to protect minor athletes from unethical behaviour?
  7. Ask if the organization promote/require ethical decision making and respect based training for parents, coaches and volunteers?
  8. Ask if the organization have a travel policy?
  9. Be willing to walk away from an organization that does not support the Responsible Coaching Movement and the policies and procedures that are recommended.