Coaches Plan - 2017 Year in Review

5 2017 | YEAR IN REVIEW “Collecting this simple data allows us to narrow down what areas we are watching for in the video. For example, if we are getting a lot of shot attempts from good areas, but not many shots, we aren’t hitting the net. If we are giving up a lot of quality shot attempts, maybe we are too passive in giving up zone entries, etc.” While the data can provide useful information, linking it to video provides much greater context. With Hudl, one click is all that separates a coach from a statistic, and a corresponding playlist of the video clips tied to that stat. 4. Scout Your Opponents It’s key to address your own team’s needs, but dissecting your rival’s game plan can be just as critical. Coach Dunlop and the Ontario Hockey Academy put an inherent emphasis on scouting as they prepare for games.  “Primarily we are looking at their special teams,” said Dunlop. “We try to figure out what they are comfortable with and try to eliminate that. If we limit their comfort level, we feel as though we have an advantage. In addition we may track certain players from time to time to find tendencies or weaknesses in their game and try to exploit them.” Finding a key tactical edge in your scouting can be the crucial component that gives you a leg up on the competition. 5. Get Athletes Recruited These days, the email inboxes and Twitter feeds of college coaches and recruiters are littered with messages from high school athletes hoping to get their attention. The best way to catch coaches’ eyes is with a killer highlight video. Showcase your best moments into a short clip to get a player on a school’s radar. Flash some talent with highlights and coaches will watch full games   to complete their evaluation. “We create 10 to 15 minute recruiting videos for all of our graduating athletes. In addition, if a team is interested indrafting a player, we will do the same thing. This video is generally made up of shifts and shows a player’s’entire game – no one wants to see a highlight reel. “It is about getting an accurate depiction of the player so recruiters can make an informed decision.” n