Coaching Association of Canada

The CAC and its partners are stewards of nation-wide standards and ethics in coach education and development. We encourage everyone to express themselves in physical activity, regardless of age, gender, or ability.

CAC Mission

To enhance the experiences of all athletes and participants in Canada through quality coaching. We share in the sense of triumph when athletes and participants improve their performance because of the knowledge, skills, and motivation that coaches impart to them.

CAC Vision

That every athlete and participant in Canada has access to a certified coach. We feel a sense of community with other coaches who share our sense of fair play, the joy of sport, and the thrill of achievement. The CAC is unique in the sport system in that it focuses its efforts and programs exclusively on educating, developing, and celebrating the role of the coach – from playground to podium.

CAC Values

  • We Seek to Understand
    Endeavour to know our community. Listen with purpose.
  • We Cultivate Inclusion
    Welcome diversity. Celebrate differences. Nurture a united sport family.
  • We Are Curious
    Innovate for the future of coaching. Continue to learn and grow.
  • We Act with Courage
    Embrace challenges. Take informed risks. Adversity makes us stronger.
  • We Lead and Serve with Gratitude
    Act with a gracious heart. Inspired by the opportunity to shape coaching in Canada.