Coaching Association of Canada

The CAC is committed to providing a best-in-class experience to its employees. The CAC mirrors its commitment to coaches equally to its employees by fostering an ethical, safe, and positive work environment in which to excel, recognize opportunities and achievements, and empower their continuing education and growth development.

Licensing/Registration Committee Member

Skills and Experience: You have a proven track record as a leader and professional coach, as well as a good understanding of the requirements for being a Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) or Registered Coach. Your extensive experience and network within the coaching community will enable you to bring an informed approach to the development and application of professional standards and processes. 

Please submit applications by August 2, 2021 at 5 PM EST. Learn more about the position.


Our Aspirational Values:

  • We Seek to Understand
    Endeavour to know our community. Listen with purpose.
  • We Cultivate Inclusion
    Welcome diversity. Celebrate differences. Nurture a united sport family.
  • We Are Curious
    Innovate for the future of coaching. Continue to learn and grow.
  • We Act with Courage
    Embrace challenges. Take informed risks. Adversity makes us stronger.
  • We Lead and Serve with Gratitude
    Act with a gracious heart. Inspired by the opportunity to shape coaching in Canada.