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Coach Q & A: Jason Chee-Aloy

May 3, 2011

Coach’s full name: Jason Chee-Aloy
Province: Ontario
Sport(s): Baseball
Coaching role: Director of Baseball Operations, Toronto Mets Baseball Club
What is your greatest coaching moment/achievement?
Winning six national championships - especially the 2008 championship against B.C. where we were the underdogs. My assistant coaches were Dan Thompson and Geoff Whent.
What are three things you think every coach should know?
  1. Know why you’re coaching and what is it you want to accomplish.
  2. Love what you’re doing or don’t do it.
  3. Know your players and how to get the best out of each of them.
Why did you decide to become a coach?
I love baseball. I wish I had had better coaches when I was playing ball and so now I want to offer other young athletes the benefits of having a great coach. I don’t even think of the sacrifices I have to make because I love what I’m doing.
How would your athletes describe your coaching style in three words?
  1. Intense. Playing competitive baseball is work and needs 100% focus.
  2. Demanding. You need to be prepared and have the same intensity in practice as during a game.
  3. Rewarding. It’s about the relationships you make with the players.
What is the most important thing you learned as part of your NCCP training?
I loved the theory components of the workshops because they make you think about “why” you are doing things. It also encourages you to become a better coach and to think outside the basic conventions. I also like that the NCCP workshops bring in aspects of coaching from other sports that you may not have thought about applying to baseball.
Why is being a coach the best job in the world?
  1. It’s rewarding that you get to start a new cycle with every new season.
  2. Finding that one athlete that has real potential/heart.
  3. Because it’s “fun” and keeps you youthful. If you love a sport, give back to it!

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