Coaching Association of Canada

Coach Q&A: Erica Bergman

July 5, 2011

Coach’s Full name:  Erica Bergman
Province: Ontario
Sport(s): Synchronized Swimming
Coaching role: Team coach, Gloucester Synchro
NCCP Status: Level 3 Certified

Why did you decide to become a coach?
I wanted to continue my involvement in the sport after my career as an athlete was over.  I felt that I wanted to give to other athletes what my coaches gave to me.

What is your greatest coaching moment/achievement?
Some of the greatest coaching moments are also some of the simplest ones.  I love that “light bulb” moment that athletes have when things come together and they can take that next step in development. I have enjoyed seeing personal bests achieved and taking teams, solos and duets to nationals.  I have also been able to witness my former athletes succeed as coaches. 

What are three things you think every coach should know?
1) How to plan and then execute that plan.
2) That continually educating yourself in the sport is extremely important to the success of your athletes.
3) To be respectful of other athletes, coaches, judges and parents. 

How would your athletes describe your coaching style in three words?
Organized, fair and focused

What is the most important thing you learned as part of your NCCP training?
I learned that there is a lot more to coaching than just teaching how to do the sport. You are not only working on the technical aspects of the sport, but also how to plan, and why it is important; teaching about fair play and respect; helping athletes develop self-esteem and confidence; encouraging and motivating athletes; and how to help athletes achieve their goals.  

Why is being a coach the best job in the world?
Because it is not a job…it is a passion, a way of life, and as much as you put in to it, you can get out of it. It is extremely rewarding to help others achieve their goals.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share?
As a former athlete and now coach, the lessons that I have learned and continue to learn from participating in sport have helped me in the pool and in my life.  Sports and the sporting community give participants the opportunity to learn valuable life skills. 

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