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The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), the country's leader in coach education and development, is proud to partner with Decathlon Canada, a retailer and creator of sports gear, apparel, and experiences. This partnership will empower coaches with knowledge and skills, as well as opportunities to help coaches reach more participants, strengthen coaching initiatives, and promote their activities. The ultimate goal: to help people discover and incorporate the benefits of physical activity in their daily lives.


Decathlon Canada: Creating incredible sports experiences!

A leading global sports company with over 1600 stores in more than 50 countries, Decathlon develops its own quality products at accessible prices for over 65 sports. Decathlon Canada offers full sports experiences for everyone; from in-store gyms and equipment test zones, to sports classes, and apps for training and for activities in your community, both online and off. Learn more at

Reach thousands of people across Canada looking for new ways to stay active!

Decathlon Activities – the platform to manage and promote your coaching activities

People are excited to find new ways to stay active, so why not give them exactly what they’re looking for?
Help them discover your sports classes, training sessions, and activities. Decathlon Activities makes it easy for participants to register for your activities either online or through the mobile app.


Create an account and add your activities


Benefit from promotion to thousands of Decathlon customers


Receive payments directly through the app

Decathlon Community

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Coach Initiation in Sport eLearning offers all coaches an opportunity to learn foundational coaching skills, such as long-term development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness. It’s the perfect way for anyone new to coaching to learn key concepts or for seasoned coaches to build upon their existing skills.

Coaches who sign up on Decathlon Activities will receive a code to access NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport in the Locker for FREE from July 6th to August 5th. Visit Decathlon Activities to sign up and receive your code! The module will take approximately one hour to complete.

NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport is a valuable resource for Decathlon Activities coaches! These experienced coaches have applied strategies and techniques from the module to strengthen their coaching skills and better support their participants.

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Essential products for coaches

Everything you need for coaching in more than 65 sports! Decathlon products are known for their incredible value. Visit to order directly online, and receive free home delivery in Quebec and Ontario on orders over $49! (Shipping across Canada coming soon.)

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