Coaching Association of Canada

Invest in your community with Investors Group and CAC

January 31, 2011

Host a coaching conference and receive financial assistance!

Community sport coaches thrive on learning new skills and sharing ideas with fellow coaches so that they themselves can become better leaders both on and off the playing field. What better way to gather these like-minded individuals together than to host a community coaching conference!

CAC has teamed up with Investors Group Inc. to provide financial assistance (from $600 to $1,200) to communities and organizations interested in hosting a community coaching conference that provides:

  • coach education -  informative sessions on sport skills/techniques, coaching resources, and topics of general interest;
  • coach networking - a social environment whereby participants can meet other coaches in the community to exchange experiences and ideas;
  • community involvement - participation from all levels of sport, especially grassroots coaches and administrators.

And there’s more!

The Investors Group Volunteer Sport Administrator Award is presented at each conference. This is a fantastic opportunity to publicly recognize that special volunteer who has given countless hours of their time so that coaches and athletes can enjoy the benefits of well-organized sport.

If you are planning to host a community coaching conference this year, learn how you can receive up to $1,200 to cover your expenses and recognize a deserving volunteer.

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