Coaching Association of Canada

Long-Term Athlete Development Information for Parents

December 1, 2019

Many parents are looking for answers to explain what is right for their child when it comes to athletic development.  As a coach, you need something that will help explain the facts in an easy, accurate, and user-friendly manner.  The Coaching Association of Canada, in coordination with LTAD expert Colin Higgs, has created the following document: “Long-Term Athlete Development Information for Parents” to help coaches educate the parents of the children in their programs. 

This document provides an overview of the LTAD model, describing each of the seven stages in easy-to-understand language.  It gives solid and concrete advice on what parents can do to encourage their child’s current physical, and athletic development and suggests tips to help them assist their child as they move into the later stages of development. This handy tool is something coaches will want to have readily available at all times to share with parents.  We encourage all CAC Partners to share the following link with their Learning Facilitators, member clubs, coaches and parents.

  • Download hereLong-Term Athlete Development Information for Parents

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