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Type: In-Class Workshop Online Workshop
Duration: 4 hours

NCCP Empower+ is an intense and thought-provoking workshop that will teach you how to enhance the well-being of your athletes and be a positive role model in the world of sport. 

After completing the NCCP Empower+ module, you will be able to:

•    critically reflect on your own experiences in sport;
•    recognize the potential for, and presence of maltreatment in sport;
•    determine when and how to intervene when you observe or suspect maltreatment;
•    apply the six-step NCCP Decision-making Model to make ethical decisions related to maltreatment in sport; and
•    identify the conditions related to creating positive and healthy sport experiences that enhance the well-being of athletes in your care.

How to Register

This NCCP module is delivered through your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives. Choose your region from the menu on the right of this page to check availability.

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