Coaching Association of Canada

The Locker Maintenance of Certification


Within Lifelong Learning, Professional Development (PD) prepares you for the challenges you will encounter as a coach. The more development you pursue, the more positive your impact on your athletes and participants both on and off the field.

Professional Development points from approved activities are applied to your Transcript on the Locker for the activities you complete. Professional Development (PD) points refer to those coaches who seek to maintain their certification (or trained status, if their sport requires it).

Go Beyond the Minimum

Engaging in Professional Development enables you to:

  • Learn and demonstrate the standards of conduct that Canada expects of its coaches
  • Anticipate potentially challenging ethical situations and address them before they occur
  • Create a safe and inclusive sport experience for newcomers to Canada and its diverse populations
  • Engage in positive discussions with parents about their children’s participation, potential, and progress
  • Integrate new techniques into your practices and game plans
  • Champion your coaching philosophy and style

Take Advantage of Your Learning Options

You can acquire PD points through a variety of sport-specific or multi-sport activities. Examples include:

  • NCCP Workshop (5 points)
  • Coach Self-directed Activity (3 points for the valid certification period)
  • Active Coaching (1 point for every season coached OR 1 point per year for Learning Facilitator or Coach Evaluator activity)
  • Non-NCCP events (multi-sport and sport-specific)

You can engage in these activities through a variety of formats such as:

  • Classroom / In-person training: Engage in learning in a physical classroom or sport-specific setting
  • Online delivery: Participate with instructors and other coaches simultaneously through web conferencing technology
  • Self-guided: Engage in reading and assessments according to your own schedule

Get More out of Your Sport Experience

Even if you are not an NCCP-trained or certified coach, Lifelong Learning can improve your overall coaching experience and enhance your participants’ enjoyment of sport. Coaches who supplement their core practice and game planning with self-directed learning activities report higher rates of satisfaction and stay in coaching for longer. Their participants have more fun, too.

Start Your Learning Journey Now

You can find a list of professional development opportunities such as eLearning and other events in the Locker. You can report your independent learning activities by logging into your Locker profile, selecting the “Certification” tab, then clicking on the "Self-Report" icon on the left.