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Support Through Sport FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions from coaches about the Support Through Sport series on teen dating violence and gender-based violence.

Support Through Sport is a series that includes eLearning modules, as well as resources and reference material to educate and drive awareness about gender-based violence and teen dating violence. Understanding Teen Dating Violence is the first and core module as part of this series.

For more information on the Coaching Association of Canada’s Understanding Teen Dating Violence module, please contact the Coaching Association of Canada’s Coach and Partner Services team at or (613) 235-5000.

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The Coaching Association of Canada is currently being supported though the Public Health Agency of Canada’s investment Preventing Gender-based Violence: the Health Perspective. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Coaches influence in the lives of youth is well-documented. Coaches are in a unique position to step in and stop parts of sport culture that may contribute to unhealthy relationship behaviour. This project aims to develop, implement and evaluate an educational program, available in English and French, to assist coaches in recognizing, preventing and addressing gender-based violence and teen dating violence, and to promote healthy relationships in and through sport.

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