Coaching Association of Canada
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The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) grants the official designation of Chartered Professional Coach (ChPC) and the status of Registered Coach to professionals in the field of coaching in Canada. The CAC promotes the profession of coaching and the important role of coaches in the success and effectiveness of sport programs.

The program also regulates coaching and protects the public interest by ensuring its coaches abide by the highest standard of professional and ethical conduct.

ChPCs and Registered Coaches represent all sports, both professional and amateur. They are recognized as committed individuals who value coaching excellence and its impact on enhancing athlete experiences.

Guided by their passion for coaching excellence, and their pride in upholding the ethical and professional standards of practice in their craft, ChPCs represent the pinnacle of their profession. Their personal investment and commitment to their coach education, training, certification, and standards of responsible coaching practices, set the bar for coaching in Canada. ChPCs have demonstrated their competence as NCCP certified and experienced coaches, who value the technical and ethical standards of the profession.

Why Become a ChPC or Registered Coach?

Join a community of committed, respected, and quality coaches who are recognized for their skills, competencies, and passion.

ChPCs and Registered Coaches benefit from the right to respectively use their designation or status by having met a standard of excellence in their profession, and valuing the following:

  • Being recognized for their credibility and extensive experience in coaching
  • Forming part of a community of professionals who have achieved elite status in their career
  • Receiving exclusive professional coach services and benefits from the CAC
  • Proudly adhering to the ethical and professional standards
  • Raising the confidence of Canadians in protection of the public through their responsible coaching practices

Professional Practices Committee

The Professional Practices Committee is an ad-hoc committee of the Professional Coaching Program. The Committee has the general responsibility to maintain the professional practices of the profession and ensure ChPCs and Registered Coaches meet or exceed appropriate standards of ethical conduct and behaviour.

  • Ranil Sonnadara, ChPC

Licensing and Registration Committee

The Licensing and Registration Committee is a standing committee of the Professional Coaching Program at the CAC, with the mandate to oversee the License Agreement and the Registration Agreement of ChPCs and Registered Coaches. The Committee is responsible for evaluating and approving applications of individuals for the ChPC designation and Registered Coach status.

  • Lynn Boudreau, ChPC (Chair)
  • Matthew Holmberg, ChPC
  • Abderrahim Moussa, Registered Coach
  • Michel Frogley, ChPC
  • Sean Turiff, ChPC
  • Gail Donohue, ChPC

In Canada, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) – is an independent not‐for‐profit organization that administers the Canadian Anti‐Doping Program (CADP). The CADP describes how the Code compliant anti‐doping program is implemented.

The CAC also endorses the CCES's Canadian Policy on Prohibited Conduct in Sport and encourages all ChPCs and Registered Coaches to familiarize themselves with this sport policy.