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About the Locker

Track your coaching journey with the Locker, the ultimate learning management system (LMS) to take eLearning modules, and to manage your coach development and NCCP certifications with ease.

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) is dedicated to enhancing your coaching journey through the Locker – a comprehensive resource for managing and tracking your National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) training and certification for over 2 million users, across 67+ sports.

Within the Locker, coaches can complete eLearning modules, designed to enhance coaching skills, covering topics from leadership and communication to sport-specific techniques and strategies.

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Key Features

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Complete eLearning Modules

Access multi-sport and sport-specific eLearning modules directly from your Locker account.

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Register for NCCP Workshops and Events

Find and register for available in-person and online events and workshops on the NCCP Workshop Calendar.

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Maintain Your Coaching Transcript

The Locker is also where you can view your coaching pathway, and track your completed training and NCCP certifications through your transcript.

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Track and complete coach training and development on the Locker.

New Enhancements to the Locker

Improved Mobile Access

Take your training on the go, wherever you are! Access the Locker and eLearning modules through your mobile device with improved optimizations to provide a better experience, and ensure universal access to our eLearning modules.

Accessibility Features

As a part of the CAC’s commitment to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in sport, the following accessibility features have been added to the CAC’s multi-sport eLearning modules hosted in the Locker:

  • All eLearning modules meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 standards
  • Voiceover available in English and French across many modules
  • Addition of accessibility widget powered by AccessiBe on all eLearning modules hosted on the Locker to customize accessibility options and content preferences. 


For questions about the Locker, please contact us via email at Thank you for your commitment to coaching in Canada!