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Type: eLearning Workshop
Duration: 60-75 min

Anti-racism in Coaching

Coaches in Canada play an integral role in creating a fair and inclusive environment for their sport. While the impact of racism in sports and coaching can be far-reaching, so can the effects of anti-racism coaching education. 

This eLearning module provides information and guidance to help coaches support and advocate for racialized participants in sport. 

After completing the Anti-racism in Coaching eLearning module, you will be able to: 

  • Build your knowledge of issues related to race and racism in Canada that affect coaching 

  • Expand your understanding of how to be an anti-racist coach 

  • Cultivate your skills in supporting racialized participants in sport 

This module will take approximately 60-75 minutes to complete. Coaches who are maintaining their NCCP trained or certified status will receive 2 Professional Development (PD) points upon completing this module.  

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