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Type: eLearning Workshop
Duration: 60-75 min

Anti-racism in Coaching

Coaches in Canada play an integral role in creating a fair and inclusive environment for their sport. While the impact of racism in sports and coaching can be far-reaching, so can the effects of anti-racism coaching education. 

This eLearning module provides information and guidance to help coaches support and advocate for racialized participants in sport. 

After completing the Anti-racism in Coaching eLearning module, you will be able to: 

  • Build your knowledge of issues related to race and racism in Canada that affect coaching 

  • Expand your understanding of how to be an anti-racist coach 

  • Cultivate your skills in supporting racialized participants in sport 

This module will take approximately 60-75 minutes to complete. Coaches who are maintaining their NCCP trained or certified status will receive 2 Professional Development (PD) points upon completing this module.  

This eLearning module costs $15. This fee will be used to sustain and update this module as new information and practices become available. It will also support the CAC’s grant program to increase opportunities for equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives in the sport community. 

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Visit the Anti-racism in Coaching webpages for additional resources.

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