Coaching Association of Canada

Become a Chartered Professional Coach® and join the movement to advance professional coaching in Canada.

ChPC (Chartered Professional Coach) = Knowledge + Experience + Ethics

      Coaching as a Profession
      Build a rewarding career while advancing professional coaching in Canada.

      ChPC Benefits
      Preferential rates on legal fees and insurance not available to other coaches. 

      Eligibility Requirements
      Minimum educational levels and coaching experience for ChPC applicants.

      ChPC Fees and Deadlines
      Costs and timelines to apply, renew, or re-instate a lapsed ChPC status.

      Answers to frequently asked questions about the ChPC designation.

      Apply or Renew
      Documents and process for submitting your application or renewing your status.

      About the Program
      The rationale for advancing the profession of coaching in Canada. 

      Looking to coach a specific sport?