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NCCP Coach Developers help coaches hone and improve their knowledge and skills so they can provide positive and effective spot experiences for all participants. NCCP Coach Developers can play any of these three roles:

NCCP Learning Facilitator: Train the coaches to coach at all levels.

NCCP Coach Evaluator: Evaluate coaches and guide them to certification.

NCCP Master Coach Developer: Train, mentor & evaluate Coach Developers.

Becoming an NCCP Coach Developer

NCCP Coach Developer candidates must complete rigorous training that is consistent across Canada. To be certified as an NCCP Coach Developer in any of the three roles above, you must: 

  1. Successfully complete the online evaluation NCCP Make Ethical Decisions
  2. Demonstrate your competency by completing the four-step pathway below

The content within your four-step pathway will depend on the role you choose, but it will always include the following four steps:

Coach Developer Pathway

Core training

Provides NCCP Coach Developers with the skills to perform their role. See the calendar of upcoming training opportunities.

Content-specific training

This includes relevant sport or multi-sport training, as well as micro-facilitation and/or micro-evaluation for an opportunity to practice delivery with peers.


New NCCP Coach Developers can practice with real coaches alongside an experienced Coach Developer. NCCP Coach Developers are considered "trained" when they've completed the first three steps of the pathway.


Once NCCP Coach Developers are evaluated as having the abilities necessary for their role, they are considered "certified."

NCCP Coach Developer Policy

Section 8 of the NCCP Policy & Implementation Standards

NCCP Coach Developer FAQs

Answers to common questions

NCCP Core Training

Calendar of upcoming opportunities

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