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NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma

The most extensive NCCP Multi-sport program offered to Canada’s top coaches.

The Bridge to Increased Confidence in Advanced Sport Coaching Practices

The NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma (ACD) helps coaches prepare athletes for podium success at the Provincial, National and International level. Our flexible and cutting-edge one-year program allows coaches to connect and learn from experienced mentors, content experts, fellow coaches, and respected partners across Canada. We help coaches enhance competencies and apply learnings in their specific coaching context to implement a safe and successful sport program.

ACD graduation attests to the sport community and others in the field that a coach has demonstrated a high potential to lead, problem solve, interact and critically reflect to implement safe and effective sport programming.

Please review the admission criteria below to ensure the program is a good fit for you.

Are you ready to fully engage and critically reflect on your coaching practices?

If you have the desire to be more effective in your coaching, want access to cutting-edge knowledge and the opportunity to work alongside other high-performing coaches and mentors, the Advanced Coaching Diploma is the next step in your career.

This course was career-altering for me. I believe it was one of the most beneficial coaching educational experiences I have ever had.

Program Structure and Fees

All program modules are offered online and are delivered through the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network (COPSIN). The modules are delivered through a hub structure in collaboration with all COPSIN Regional Delivery Centres.

The NCCP ACD is offered as a one-year program and is structured to offer coaches flexibility and options for content and engagement. The program includes 9 modules and 20 hours of mentorship for a total of over 180 hours of training. Each module must be completed before another is undertaken.

Program Fees

Fee Type Fee
Application (non-refundable) $75
Tuition* $2,500

*Tuition may be paid in installments as identified in the memorandum of understanding (MOU). Coaches entering a modified delivery entry platform will pay negotiated fees based on an assessment/learning plan.

Should you apply?

The cutting-edge flexible ACD program produces coaches who can prepare athletes for podium success in provincial, national, and international competitions. The program is now offered fully online with a maximum of 2 hour learning sessions making it more accommodating to fit within your busy schedule.

NCCP ACD applicants are NCCP Competition-Development Certified or Trained have been working with athletes at a Train to Train, Train to Compete, and Train to Win, which may include:

  • Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization coaches seeking to develop into coaches of high performance athletes;
  • National Training Centre coaches and next-gen coaches;
  • Canada Games and provincial team coaches;
  • Coaches in Canada seeking to develop into coaches of high performance athletes;
  • Post-secondary institution coaches
  • Personal coaches of identified athletes.

The NCCP ACD emphasizes athlete performance across the Competition-Development and High-performance contexts. The program produces coaches who can prepare athletes for podium success in provincial, national, and international competitions.

Coaches should contact their National Sport Organization to learn how the program may connect to NCCP Competition-Development Advanced Gradation (CDAG) or NCCP Competition High-Performance status.

ACD Benefits

  • Online flexible program with 2-hour max learning sessions
  • Live sessions, flexible learning and mentorship
  • Enriched by interaction with a community of coaches from all across the country
  • Training reflecting the current landscape of coaching in Canada
  • Cost effective pricing

The program and all its modules are available to Canadian citizens or permanent residents and non-permanent residents and landed immigrants in Canada.

To ensure coaches have the prior learning and experience required to succeed in the program, applicants are NCCP Competition-Development Certified or Trained. A relevant post-secondary diploma or degree may be considered, with appropriate coaching experience. Regardless of previous certification, training and education, coaches should have completed the following NCCP Training:

NCCP Requirements 

  • NCCP Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation
  • NCCP Managing Conflict Online Evaluation
  • NCCP Leading Drug-Free Sport eLearning

The completion of the following modules is strongly recommended:

  • NCCP Performance Planning Multisport Module
  • NCCP Advanced Practice Planning Multisport Module
  • NCCP Psychology of Performance

To complete the application to the Advanced Coach Diploma, coaches must upload the following in the Locker:

  • Coaching Resume outlining a minimum of 3 years relevant coaching experience.
  • Letter of intent indicating the coach applicant’s reason for applying to the program.
  • Letter of recommendation (e.g.: employer, Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization, Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative, National Sport Organization)
  • Current Yearly Training Plan (YTP) 

Requirements to be accepted in the ACD include:

  • Satisfactory completion of the CAC screening process through the Locker.
  • The Institute / Centre determination that minimum requirements are met.
  • Appropriate capacity of the program.
  • Successful interview (Appendix 5) with the Institute / Centre.
  • Completed application form (digital) through the CAC Locker and payment of the non-refundable application fee of $75.00.

You have to be ready for the program, but once you are ready to learn, it’s amazing what you pick up from both the teachers and fellow cohort. At times you have to critically think to figure out how to apply the lessons, but then it’s relevant to your context… A life-changing experience.

Cohorts and Application Deadlines

New NCCP ACD cohorts begin the program each year. Start dates and application deadlines are as follows:

Canadian Sport Institute Calgary

Delivery Language: English

Application Deadline: January 31

Start Date: March

Submit your application

Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

Delivery Language: English

Application Deadline: June 30

Start Date: September

Submit your application

Institut National du Sport du Québec

Delivery Language: French

Application Deadline: June 30

Start Date: September

Submit your application

About the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network

The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute (COPSI) Network provides world-leading training environments to elite athletes and coaches across Canada. The team of experts delivers sport science and medicine, coaching, research and innovation, education, and Game Plan services to power podium performances and help Canada win more medals. The Network includes four Canadian Sport Institutes (PacificCalgaryOntario and Québec) and three Canadian Sport Centres.(SaskatchewanManitoba and Atlantic).

Submit your application in the Locker

For me it was a personal journey. I went in with a question to be answered and worked for the next two years answering it. My recommendation to anyone taking the course is to go in with a reason to be there.