Coaching Association of Canada
Coaching Masters Athletes

Masters sport is booming, and more and more masters athletes are seeking coaching guidance as they strive to learn new skills, improve their performance, or compete successfully.

Coaching Masters Athletes is an introduction to coaching masters athletes, and it contains basic need-to-know information that will help you get started in this area. This resource is for any National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coach in any NCCP context or sport who wants to know more about coaching masters athletes.

Coaching Masters Athletes has six sections:

  1. Masters Sport and Masters Athletes: an overview of masters sport and masters athletes today
  2. General Coaching Guidelines: general information on how to coach masters athletes well
  3. Physical Characteristics: suggestions for how to plan the physical training of masters athletes
  4. Health Conditions: training modifications that age-related health conditions may call for
  5. Masters Wrap: key takeaways about coaching masters athletes.
  6. Key resources you can use to deepen your knowledge of masters athletes and coaching masters athletes.

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