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A Community of Practice (CoP) is a high-value, low cost initiative to connect people with a passion for learning, developing, and growing together related to their practice. Whether that learning is focused on supporting professional development, advancing women’s leadership capacities in sport, or developing the learning capabilities of parasport coaches, a CoP can be a cost-effective way to impact learning and change. 

The CAC and the University of Ottawa have collaborated to prepare a model that provides sport organizations with a step-by-step approach to plan, train, design, implement, assess and maintain a Community of Practice focused on supporting long-term change. The model is for any organization implementing an initiative to support collective learning and will suggest tips, questions to consider, and will guide you through the process. 

CoPs can increase coach learning by bringing coaches together to share their experiences and change their practices. The structure of these pilot projects followed the CoP Model. The Value Creation Framework was used to frame and assess the learning value of the CoPs. These projects provided evidence that social learning leaders can support meaningful connections between what coaches learn in e-modules and how they apply it to their practice.

Using Communities of Practice (CoPs) to Enhance eLearning Coach Education



Download the how-to model today and build your own social learning space!

Communities of Practice

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