Coaching Association of Canada


2022 Recipients

The CAC offers grants to National Sport Organizations (NSOs) that organize and operate programs and initiatives that provide opportunities for coaches. The initiatives supported by the 2022-2023 NSO Grant funding have a common goal of increasing the diversity of the coaching population, ensuring the sport community and sport environments are inclusive and accessible, and that the opportunities for coaches are equitable.

The CAC is pleased to support the initiatives of the ten recipients of the 2022-2023 NSO Grants: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: 

  • Biathlon Canada, Intensive Women's High Performance Coaching Development Program
  • Bowls Canada Boulingrin, Increase Coach Diversity in Bowls
  • Canada Basketball, CBxMWBA Women in Coaching
  • Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association, Boccia Female Coach Mentorship Model
  • Speed Skating Canada, Speed Skating Canada Women High Performance Mentorship Program
  • Table Tennis Canada, Breaking Down Barriers with a Ping Pong Ball
  • Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada, SkiAbility Coach Developer Workshop


NCCP Coaching Education Grants

The CAC and Game Plan Coaching Education Grants program introduces athletes to the possibility of a career in coaching. As part of this initiative, Game Plan and CAC support athletes on their pathway to complete the Competition-Development or Advanced Coaching Diploma program. 


  • Expose athletes to National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coach education. 
  • Expose athletes to a career in coaching. 
  • Recruit coaches from within the sport system. 
  • Develop a relationship between, Game Plan, CAC, NSOs, COC & CPC, to keep athletes and alumni in the sport system. 

Access to Competition-Development 

Game Plan, in partnership with the CAC, reimburses NCCP coaching education fees for athletes to complete NCCP Competition-Development training in their sport. This reimbursement is available for athletes who are still competing or within 2 years of retirement as per Game Plan eligibility, with the CAC’s funding contribution for women participants, as per CAC’s directed funding via it’s Women in Coaching Program. 

Access to the NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma 

Game Plan, in partnership with the CAC, reimburse coaching education fees for athletes to complete the NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma. This reimbursement is available for athletes transitioning out of sport or who are already retired, with the CAC’s funding going solely toward women participants. 


The CAC is grateful to work with our partnering organizations towards our common goal of creating a safe and inclusive sport environment.  


Gender Equity in Coaching 

Current coaching data indicates that women are under-represented as coaches both nationally and internationally. 

Coaches are the most visible and influential leaders in sport. They shape the day-to-day lived experiences of participants and influence the growth and development of sport. 

By working to ensure the Canadian sport coaching landscape is more equitable, will we see an increase in women's participation in coaching and leadership roles, which will help to increase in girls' participation in sport and physical activity.

We’ve partnered with Canadian Women and Sport to establish the Gender Equity in Coaching Framework and Self-Assessment Tool to identify the key areas for organizational change to improve the conditions for women in coaching.  Sport leaders will be able to utilize the  tool to improve conditions for women in coaching by identifying the factors that can be changed within their organization. 

Sport organizations have a responsibility to challenge the status quo, combat biases in the coaching pathway, and foster an inclusive culture in sport to actively advance gender equity in coaching.  

Complete The Gender Equity in Coaching Self-Assessment Tool to determine your organization’s areas of strength and potential areas of improvement to advance gender equity in coaching.