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International Programs

The Coaching Association of Canada is a world leader in working with organizations around the world to create, implement and maintain customized coach development programs.

Developing world renowned coach education programs

The Coaching Association of Canada’s International Programs are aligned with Long Term Development stages and are targeted to the unique needs of sport organizations and coaches around the globe.

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What our partners have to say

“The Bahrain Olympic Academy values the credibility, structure, and relevance of the Coaching Association of Canada’s NCCP program. We appreciate the program’s flexibility and adaptability to our coaching environment.”

Dr. Nabeel T. Alshehab
Director, Bahrain Olympic Academy

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Coach Development Pathways

Engage with multi-sport and sport-specific NCCP experts to design, implement and maintain sustainable coach development pathways that integrate the NCCP, sport-specific content, and other relevant training.


eLearning Development

Collaborate with leaders in online coach education to develop and host asynchronous coach training with content that is tailored to the cultural nuances of your coaching program.


Coach Education Database

Leverage the ability to track, monitor progress, and report on coach education and training through the Locker; CAC’s online database.

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National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) for International Programs

Work with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) to develop ongoing and sustainable coach education and training based on the NCCP, licensed for use within your country.

NCCP Levels 1-2-3

Development of a sustainable coach education and training program, with ongoing support as required.

NCCP Level 4

Delivered by noted content experts, NCCP Level 4 programs are targeted to high-performance coaches and emerging high-performance coaches who work with National- and International-level athletes.

NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

This interactive workshop designed for coaches, educators, and recreation/youth sport leaders provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental movement skills and the core-competencies of the NCCP, with the help of numerous hands-on activities. Create links to your country’s education system while teaching young participants the fundamentals of movement.

Sport-Specific Coach Training

The CAC can support with the design, implementation, and maintenance of content and sport-specific pathways in collaboration with National Sport Federations and the National Olympic Committee in your country's sport system. This includes the engagement of content-specific experts in the sport.

International Programs

Additional Program Support

Sport Safety Programming: The development of sport safety principles, including equity, diversity, and inclusion, that meet sport and cultural goals.

Women in Coaching: Specific training and programs with the primary purpose of supporting and developing female coaches.

Coach Professional Development (PD): Development of Maintenance of Certification programs and coach multi-sport and sport-specific PD sessions to promote upgrading and maintaining relevancy to coaching practices.

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