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Bahrain Olympic Academy

“The Bahrain Olympic Academy values the credibility, structure, and relevance of the Coaching Association of Canada’s NCCP program. We appreciate the program’s flexibility and adaptability to our coaching environment.”

Dr. Nabeel T. Alshehab
Director, Bahrain Olympic Academy

Cameron Burke

Barbados Olympic Association 

The Barbados Olympic Association embarked on a 2 year coach education program, with a goal of providing our local coaches with a pathway to a higher level of training in sport science and coach education.

In collaboration with the CAC, this program facilitated the first graduating class for CAC’s International Programs with its Barbados NCCP Level 1, 2, 3 coaching programs from which more than 200 coaches received valuable training. Through the collaboration, which provided a sound and valuable coach education program for our Primary and Secondary school coaches, as well as our Club and National coaches, the Barbados Olympic Association has developed a long-term vision and plan to ensure the sustainability of Barbados coaching programs, which will create the best learning, training and competitive experience for our athletes.

The Barbados Olympic Association thanks the CAC for its outstanding support and excellent working relationship. The Association looks forward to the future with great optimism as the two entities continue to build on this platform to enhance sports both on the local scene and internationally.

Cameron Burke
Barbados Olympic Association

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