Coaching Association of Canada

The Coaching Association of Canada has had the privilege of presenting the three awards below to recognize the outstanding achievements of coaches and sport organizations. The namesakes and recipients of these awards continue to inspire the sport community in Canada. 

Geoff Gowan Award 

The Geoff Gowan "Lifetime Achievement" Award recognized a lifetime commitment to coaching and coaching development and was presented to an individual who fostered a positive public image of coaching, enhanced the role of the coach within the Canadian public, and was a role model for future generations of coaches. 

The Geoff Gowan Award was created in 1996 to honour former Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) president Geoffrey Gowan, CM, PhD. The Geoff Gowan Award trophy is housed at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary, AB. 

Recipients of the Geoff Gowan Award: 

2020: Denis Beaudoin, ChPC 2019: Phyllis Sadoway, ChPC 2018: Manon Perron, ChPC 2017: Dany Boulanger 
2016: Glenn Hoag 2015: Dr. John Hogg 2014: Robert (Bob) Kierstead  2013: Dennis Marineau 
2012:* Victor Zilberman, David Hart  2011: Allison McNeill 2010: Dr. Dru Marshall  2009: Tim Frick, Keith Russel
2008: Douglas Leigh 2007: Andy Higgins  2006: Clare Drake 2005: Charles Cardinal 
2004: Donald Dion 2003: Marilyn Savage  2002: Al Morrow  2001: Doug Clement
1999: Jack Donohue  1996: Geoff Gowan     

*Honourable mentions: Manon Perron, Hiroshi Nakamura, and Dennis Marineau. 

Jack Donohue Award 

The Jack Donohue “Coach of the Year” Award recognized the outstanding contributions of a coach in Canada who exemplified the great qualities of the legendary Jack Donohue. These qualities included: honesty, integrity, a positive attitude, competitiveness, and a love of sport.  

As a founder of the Canadian Association of National Coaches, Jack Donohue was dedicated to the profession of coaching and demonstrated care and concern for his colleagues. Jack taught his athletes to value life, its experiences, and the passion of playing for your country. 

Recipients of the Jack Donohue Award: 

2019: Sylvain Bruneau, ChPC  2018: Rob Kober, ChPC  2017: John Herdman, ChPC 2016: Mark Smith, ChPC 
2015: Lisa Thomaidis, ChPC  2014: Gerry Dragomir, ChPC 2013: Joan McDonald, ChPC  2012: David Ross, ChPC 
2011: Marcel Lacroix, ChPC  2010: Melody Davidson, ChPC  2009: Steve Bush, ChPC  2008: Tim Frick, ChPC 
2007: Paul Kristofic, ChPC 2006: Kiuli Wang, ChPC 2005: Patrick Oaten, ChPC 2004: Kelly Maniak, ChPC
2003: Michel Larouche, ChPC      

Sheila Robertson Award 

The Sheila Robertson Award was presented annually to a National Sport Organization (NSO) or Multisport Service Organization (MSO) that consistently demonstrated a value of coaching through its organizational mandate and communications activities. This award encouraged and celebrated organizational support for coach education and professional development, and it greatly contributed to shaping how sport organizations intentionally recognize and include coaches.

Sheila Robertson’s work as a journalist, author, and advocate for women in coaching continues to inspire the sport community in Canada.

Recipients of the Sheila Robertson Award: 

2020: Rowing Canada Aviron 2019: Canadian Lacrosse Association 2018: Tennis Canada  2017: Baseball Canada
2016: viaSport British Columbia  2015: Canada Basketball  2014: Hockey Canada  2013: Rowing Canada
2012: Speed Skating Canada 2011: Taekwondo Canada 2010: Swimming Canada 2009: Athletics Canada 
2008: Skate Canada  2007: Skate Canada  2006: Diving Canada  2005: Diving Canada