Coaching Association of Canada
Alberta Women in Sport Leadership

Mentorship is a proven strategy in the recruitment, retention, development, and advancement of women in the workforce. With the support of Sport Canada funding and the federal government priority of gender equity in sport by 2035, the Coaching Association of Canada is enhancing its existing Women in Coaching program to include the Black Female Coach Mentorship Program and the Enhanced Female Mentorship program. 

Black Female Coach Mentorship Program

The Black Canadian Coaches Association (BCCA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Black Female Coach Mentorship Program (BFCMP). In partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), the pilot mentorship program seeks to create equitable opportunities for Black women coaches in Canada. 

The Black Female Coach Mentorship Program focuses on three main objectives:

  • Providing Black female mentorship;
  • Advancing coach professionalization amongst both program mentor and mentees; and
  • Providing a sustainable model of formalized mentorship that increases accessibility, support, and leadership development for Black female coaches in sport.

2021-2022 Mentors

  • Fabienne Blizzard, Registered 
  • Shauna Bookal  
  • Chantique Carey-Payne 
  • Dee Channer 
  • Nadia Doucoure 
  • Arielle Dubissette-Borrice 
  • Leslie Estwick, ChPC 
  • Molly Killingbeck, ChPC 
  • Tara Mrakic 
  • Georgette Reed, ChPC 
  • Dehara September 
  • Tamara Tatham 

2021-2022 Mentees

  • Adrianna Allen, Basketball 
  • Rochelle Bethelmy, Soccer 
  • Tiffany Cameron, Soccer 
  • Lesha Dunn, Basketball 
  • Aiyanna Empringham, Basketball 
  • Idman Farah, Basketball 
  • Olivia Ghosh-Swaby, Football 
  • Kryshanda Green, Hockey 
  • Maya Isabelle, Figure Skating 
  • Tamara Jarrett, Strength and Conditioning 
  • Naomi Mullings, Basketball 
  • Petra Richard, Athletics 
  • Diana Siwila, Basketball and Football 
  • Nyamuoch Teny, Basketball 
  • Marika Williams, Basketball 
  • Mariah Wright, Soccer 

Enhanced Female Mentorship Program

The Enhanced Female Mentorship Program will allow CAC to expand its contribution to women high-performance coaches by enhancing the development of select women mentee coaches through the support of a distinguished woman mentor.  


  • Support the leadership development of selected female mentee coaches; 
  • Support mentors through a community of practice led by a female lead mentor; 
  • Build a network of female mentor and mentee coaches; and
  • Build capacity in the sport community.

2021-2022 Mentors

  • Allison McNeill, ChPC  
  • Brenda Willis, ChPC  
  • Carol Love, ChPC  
  • Cheryl Jean-Paul, ChPC  
  • Cindy Tye, ChPC  
  • Erin McAleenan, ChPC  
  • Marta Belsh, ChPC  
  • Séverine Tamborero, ChPC  
  • Shelley Coolidge, ChPC 
  • Tasia McKenna, ChPC  
  • Vicki Keith, ChPC  

2021-2022 Mentees

  • Amy Wilson-Hands, Volleyball 
  • Caitlin Genovy, Registered, Volleyball 
  • Catherine Parent, Snowboard 
  • Christina Kouvousis, Registered, Water Polo 
  • Jacqueline Akerman, ChPC, Biathlon 
  • Janine Stephens, Registered, Rowing 
  • Jennie Waldner, Soccer 
  • Jennifer Clarridge, Alpine Skiing  
  • Katherine Adams, Basketball 
  • Katie Mora, ChPC, Ice Hockey 
  • Lexie Sananes, Registered, Basketball 
  • Marie-Eve Pelletier, Tennis 
  • Marissa Lindquist, Registered, Basketball 
  • Meghan Hebert, ChPC, Snowboard 
  • Michaela Kleisinger, Basketball 
  • Michele Sung, Basketball 
  • Morgan McHaffie, Ice Hockey  
  • Natasha Spaling, Volleyball 
  • Noemie Marin, Hockey 
  • Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo, Registered, Canoe Kayak 
  • Paige Crozon, Basketball 
  • Raine Paul, Water Polo 
  • Sabrina Nettey, Registered, Athletics 
  • Samantha Heron, Registered, Rowing 
  • Tamara Tatham, Basketball 


All questions regarding the Enhanced Female Mentorship Program can be directed to Andrea Johnson, Project Coordinator, Diversity & Inclusion at