Coaching Association of Canada

The Aboriginal Sport Circle is committed to supporting sport that fosters the development of the whole individual. The National Indigenous Coaching Awards are an embodiment of this philosphy. In addition to their coaching achievements, recipients of this Award will have demonstrated a personal
commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and fair play while acting as positive role models. Recipients also exemplify a commitment to a holistic lifestyle – one which embraces personal physical, mental, cultural and spiritual capacities.

The nomination period is closed.

The Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) was honoured to present the 2019 National Indigenous Coaching Awards at the 2019 Petro-Canada Sport Leadership Awards Gala. The ASC recognizes a male and female Indigenous coach (First Nations, Inuit, Métis) who demonstrate a personal commitment to fair play and to being a role model. The ASC is committed to developing sport that fosters the development of the whole individual; recipients demonstrate a commitment to developing their physical, mental, cultural, and spiritual capacities.

Meagan Wilson (Scotland, ON)

As the Head Coach & Founder, Iroquois Roots Rugby, among other playing and coaching responsibilities, Megan Wilson is committed to living the values of the National Indigenous Coaching Awards. She coaches players of all ages and abilities, holds free camps for Indigenous youth throughout Ontario, and works to ensure that all players are having fun first and foremost. She takes the time to explain the game to those who are new to it, and drives those athletes who show promise into higher levels of development. Megan also stresses the importance of cultural and traditional workshops during her training camps, which she feels gives Indigenous youth a sense of self and of their community.

Gregory Meconse, (Winnipeg, MB)

A role model for Indigenous youth, Gregory first distinguished himself as an elite soccer forward at the University of Northern British Columbia. In the past two years Gregory has made a successful transition to coaching while also pursuing a degree in Applied Health and Physical Eduation at the University of Winnipeg. His most recent coaching success is being selected for the role of Assistant Coach for the U-16 male soccer team at the upcoming 2020 North American Indigenous Games. Gregory shows his commitment to community by volunteering in the university’s Aboriginal Student Services Centre and by acting as a mentor and resource for his fellow students.

"Tonight's award recipients are outstanding athletes in their own right and role models for Indigenous youth," said Carey Calder, Executive Director of the Aboriginal Sport Circle. "Participating in sport is a critical means for young people in our communities to fully develop themselves physically, mentally, culturally, and spiritually. I am immensely proud of Meagan and Gregory for their achievements and look forward to celebrating their successes and those of future award winners in the years to come."