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NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability


NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability is an eLearning module to diversify your coaching portfolio. 

The module provides the knowledge to deliver quality, positive sport experiences for athletes, specifically those with behavioural, intellectual, physical, and sensory disabilities.

NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability is a resource for coaches who are new to coaching athletes with a disability. Many coaches who are already working with athletes with a disability will also find the module useful.

After completing NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability, you will be able to:

  • explain the benefits of sport participation for persons with a disability
  • communicate effectively and respectfully with, and regards to, persons with a disability
  • design positive, safe, and inclusive sport experiences for persons with a disability
  • consider next steps in their professional development related to coaching persons with a disability

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) has created the Coaching Athletes with a Disability resource to develop a valuable training opportunity for coaches. The purpose of this eLearning module is to train and educate coaches who work with athletes with a disability.

Ongoing consultations throughout the process have helped to ensure sector validation of the materials by subject matter experts. A Project Task Team comprised of representatives from various Canadian sport organizations have guided the development of the module and focused on how best to set a positive tone on how disability can be shaped within the Canadian coaching context. Thank you to the individuals who have contributed to the development of this resource that is positive, sector-changing, and has the opportunity to enhance the disability sport landscape in Canada.

How to register

This NCCP module is available through eLearning via the Locker at a cost of $15.

Additional Information about this NCCP Multi-sport Module

  • Project Lead: Jacqueline Tittley, Coaching Association of Canada – Ottawa, ON

Project Task Team:

  • Marni Abbott-Peter: BC Wheelchair Basketball Society – Vancouver, BC
  • Kevin Bogetti-Smith, Bogetti-Smith Photography – Kamloops, BC
  • Jenny Davey: Canadian Paralympic Committee – Ottawa, Ontario
  • Tom Davies: Special Olympics Canada – Toronto, Ontario
  • Benoît Huot: Paralympic swimmer – Montreal, Quebec
  • Stephanie Jull: Canucks Autism Network – Vancouver,
  • BC David Legg: Mount Royal University – Calgary, Alberta
  • Jacqueline Tittley: Coaching Association of Canada – Ottawa, Ontario
  • Andy Van Neutegem, PhD, Fortius Sports Consulting Ltd. – Victoria, BC
  • Elisabeth Walker-Young: ViaSport British Columbia – Vancouver, BC
  • Laura Watson: Coaching Association of Canada – Port Moody, BC
  • Instructional design: Emma J. Stodel, PhD, Learning 4 Excellence
  • Module production: Pete Richardson, Learning 4 Excellence Graphic design: Shawn Phillips, Shift180

Before You Begin

The sport terms “coach” and “athlete” are used for consistency throughout the module; however, it is recognized that many persons involved in sport may not see themselves in these roles. Therefore, we use the term “coaches” to refer to coaches, leaders, instructors, teachers, and others in similar roles; and the term “athletes” to include sport participants and members.

The language used throughout the module was determined to be the most current and all-encompassing at the time of development. It is subject to change as knowledge and understanding of disability and sport evolves.

It is important to note that there is no single correct way to coach an athlete or group of athletes. The Canadian sport system is an “athlete-centered, coach-driven” model and the Coaching Association of Canada recognizes that coaching is both an art and a science. Therefore, in this module, every attempt has been made to help coaches develop the knowledge and skills required to create the best possible sporting environment for all athletes.

What is NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability?

  • It is an interactive, eLearning module.
  • It is validated by the expertise in the sport system.
  • It connects to existing disability and sport-specific resources and programming.
  • It is a recognized National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) professional development module reflecting NCCP Instructional Design.
  • It meets eLearning technology accessibility requirements and is available in both official languages.

What is it not?

  • It is not a sport-specific resource, or a technical resource.
  • It does not make people experts in coaching, or experts in disability.
  • It does not replicate existing disability or sport-specific resources and programming.
  • It is not focused on high-performance. 

What is the purpose?

This NCCP eLearning module is designed for coaches who want to create a positive, inclusive, and meaningful sport experiences for their athletes, specifically with behavioural, intellectual, physical, and sensory disabilities.

Who is the intended audience?

It is for coaches who are new to coaching athletes with a disability. As well, many coaches who are already working with athletes with a disability may find useful information and resources in the module.

What recognition will I receive for completing the training?

The Coaching Athlete with a Disability e-Learning module is for every coach, yet is specifically designed for coaches in the Community Sport steam, in Competition-Introduction, and in Instruction-Beginners. It is a professional development module that allows coaches to earn five (5) professional development points towards Maintenance of Certification.

Community Engagement

Interested in using your new knowledge about coaching athletes with a disability? Jooay is an application that helps athletes with disabilities and their families locate opportunities that are accessible, suit their needs and abilities, match their preferences, and can assist their sport participation. Visit their website to find out about programs looking for leaders and coaches like you.

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