Coaching Association of Canada

NCCP training focuses on developing five core competencies in every coach. These competencies help coaches become more effective and drive more meaningful impact on their participants' experience.

NCCP Coaching Competency Practical Examples
  • Finding a solution to a complex situation
  • Developing an initial practice plan and progressively modify it
  • Rank participant training priorities
  • Appreciate the hierarchy of values in a moral dilemma
  • Respect other coaches, participants, officials, and others involved in sport
  • Ensure that the role of competitions is consistent with long-term participant development
Critical Thinking
  • Evaluate options for decision or action
  • Compare current knowledge, skills and attitudes, and reflect on coaching practices
  • Make decisions that influence others
  • Develop a rationale for challenging the status quo
  • Formulate and share a vision for a program


  • Exchange ideas and interact with other coaches
  • Work with participants to design activities
  • Communicate effectively with participants, parents, and other stakeholders

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