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Type: Online Workshop
Duration: 1 hour

Leading Drug-free Sport

NCCP Leading Drug-free Sport introduces new and experienced coaches to the values of fairness, excellence, inclusion, and fun in the context of drug-free and clean sport practice. Drug-free sport is free of doping, both because participants choose not to dope and because they have the knowledge, tools, and motivation to protect themselves from unintentional doping. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, coaches will be able to: 

  • Understand and demonstrate the coach’s role in leading drug free and clean sport 
  • Assist athletes to recognize banned substances as identified by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport by providing access to appropriate reference material, or use sport expert 
  • Educate and provide support to athletes in drug testing protocols at major competitions  
  • Promote and model the philosophy of fair play, the NCCP Code of Ethics and promote clean and drug-free sport as identified by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport 
  • Use educational strategies to reinforce the importance of drug-free and clean sport 
  • Provide educational opportunities to athletes on the use of nutritional supplements and energy drinks 
  • Identify and reinforce the consequences of using banned substances 


This eLearning module will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. You may complete the module in multiple sittings.  Once you have completed NCCP Leading Drug-free Sport, credit for the module will appear in your coach transcript in the Locker. 

Professional Development (PD) Points Towards Maintenance of Certification 

The NCCP Leading Drug-free Sport module provides the opportunity for certified coaches to earn 5 PD points in the NCCP Maintenance of Certification program.  


The cost of the NCCP Leading Drug-free Sport eLearning module is $50.00. 

How to register 

NCCP Leading Drug-free Sport, is available through the Locker. Coaches can access the eLearning module through the internet at any time or place, and on most current technology devices. Click here to access the Locker.

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