Coaching Association of Canada

Every NCCP workshop is led by a qualified NCCP Learning Facilitator (LF) who has undergone nationally standardized training. NCCP Learning Facilitators have the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes to facilitate learning sessions that produce skilled and knowledgeable coaches.

Through a competency-based approach, NCCP Learning Facilitators ensure the coaches they train can be certified on their ability to create safe environments for happy participants. NCCP Learning Facilitators also contribute to the sport community as ambassadors for the NCCP.

Becoming an NCCP Learning Facilitator

All NCCP Learning Facilitators must complete the following four-step pathway:

Core Training

Content-specific Training




  • Overview of the workshop and the NCCP
  • Functions of a Learning Facilitator
  • Elements of an effective learning activity
  • Stages of group development
  • Nature of the group


  • Micro-facilitation of module content
  • Administration of the module
  • Locker training
  • Review and sign NCCP Coach Developer Code of Conduct
  • Review LF evaluation standards and the evaluation process



  1. Prebrief
  2. Formal observation
  3. Debrief
  4. Action plan
  5. Final recommendation

To access Core Training, and/or to become a multi-sport Learning Facilitator, contact your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative.

For sport-specific NCCP Learning Facilitator training, select your sport and contact its National Sport Organization.