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Duration: 6.5 hours

Managing Conflict

NCCP Managing Conflict introduces new and experienced coaches to the impact of conflict on sport in their day-to-day coaching practice. This module teaches key skills for achieving positive outcomes using effective conflict management techniques. 

Learning outcomes  

After completing the NCCP Managing Conflict training module, coaches will be able to: 

  • Identify common sources of conflict in sport 
  • Take steps to prevent and resolve conflict resulting from misinformation, miscommunication or misunderstanding 

  • Listen and speak for themselves in conflict situations to maintain positive and healthy relationships with athletes, parents, guardians, officials, other coaches and administrators 


Training for the NCCP Managing Conflict is a minimum 6.5 hour module that covers 6 topics: 

  • Introduction  

  • Conflict in sport 

  • Managing conflict 

  • Resolving conflict 

  • Preventing conflict 

  • Conclusion 

Professional Development (PD) Points Towards Maintenance of Certification 

The NCCP Managing Conflict training module provides the opportunity for certified coaches to earn 5 PD points towards maintaining their certification. 

How to Register

This NCCP module is delivered through your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives. Choose your region from the menu on the right of this page to check availability.

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