Coaching Association of Canada

NCCP Master Coach Developers select, train, evaluate, support, and mentor NCCP Coach Developers (Learning Facilitators, Coach Evaluators, and other Master Coach Developers).

NCCP Master Coach Developers have the knowledge and expertise in facilitation to lead workshops and professional development experiences for Coach Developers. It is expected that NCCP Master Coach Developers take on more responsibility during workshops and evaluations by supporting NCCP Coach Developers, program administrators, and delivery host agencies. NCCP Master Coach Developers also act as ambassadors for the NCCP.

Becoming an NCCP Master Coach Developer

All NCCP Master Coach Developers must complete the following four-step pathway:

Core Training

Content-specific Training




  • Core Training for Learning Facilitators
  • Core Training for Coach Evaluators
  • Core Training for Master Coach Developers


  • Administration of NCCP programs
  • Leadership within the NCCP
  • Micro-facilitation of Coach Developer training
  • Review MCD evaluation standards
  • Review and sign the NCCP Coach Developer Code of Conduct



  1. Formal Observation
  2. Portfolio

To access Core Training, and/or to become a multi-sport NCCP Master Coach Developer, contact your Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative.

For sport-specific NCCP Master Coach Developer training, select your sport and contact its National Sport Organization.