Coaching Association of Canada

The NCCP is comprised of three coaching streams: NCCP Community Sport, NCCP Competition, and NCCP Instruction. Each stream provides a rewarding sport experience for coach and participant(s) alike by ensuring the ideal alignment of each other's skills, motivations, and objectives. 

NCCP Coaching Streams

NCCP Community Sport NCCP Competition NCCP Instruction

The NCCP Community Sport stream is designed to help participants of any age learn, play, and have fun. Participants in this stream are typically playing for their own enjoyment. Beginner coaches often start here.

The NCCP Competition stream helps participants of all ages develop competitive abilities in their sport over the long term. Former athletes and experienced coaches at regional levels often work in this stream.

The NCCP Instruction stream enables former participants to pass on the skills they've developed over their careers to a new generation of coaches. Coaches in this stream also work with participants of all ages.

NCCP Coaching Contexts

Within each NCCP Coaching stream are NCCP Coaching contexts, which align coaching activities with specific types of participants and the stage of their respective development. Coaches can read about Long-term Development to better understand the stages of participant development and the types of activity relevant to each.

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