Coaching Association of Canada


We would like to acknowledge the outstanding effort and work that was put into making this project possible. With the dedication of so many individuals, this project is the result of the work of a collective unit that strives and believes in a safer future achieved through sport.

Public Health Agency of Canada and Coaching Association of Canada Project Collaboration

The Coaching Association of Canada is currently being supported though the Public Health Agency of Canada’s investment Preventing Gender-based Violence: the Health Perspective. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Research Leads

  • Gretchen Kerr
  • Ashley Stirling

Research Team Members

  • Aalaya Milne
  • Anthony Battaglia
  • Alexia Tam
  • Erin Willson
  • Joseph Gurgis
  • Nicole Godman

Task Force

  • Saheed Khan
  • Manon Landry Ouellette
  • Ilan Yampolsky
  • Laura McPhie
  • Stephanie Talsma
  • Mike Thompson
  • Kathy Brook
  • Tracy Porteous
  • Kristine Cassie
  • Ivan Joseph

Coaching Association of Canada

  • Isabelle Cayer
  • Andrea Johnson
  • Yolande Usher
  • Wayne Parro