Coaching Association of Canada

Wherever there is an athlete, there is a coach. While some coaches start out as athletes, most are parents, teachers, sport fans, and community members who want to be part of a sport they love and make a difference. 

Coaches inspire their participants to excel. They lead while building tomorrow’s leaders. When you coach, you encourage participants of all ages to be active, to challenge themselves, and to have fun. In fact, coaching offers enormous benefits for coaches and participants alike.

Participants can:

  • Be active and have fun
  • Learn self-discipline
  • Develop motor skills
  • Find ways to improve their performance
  • Learn to play safely and fairly
  • Gain a model for problem-solving 

Coaches can:

  • Model respectful behaviour and problem-solving
  • Model community-building behaviour 
  • Help others improve their performance and build their confidence
  • Learn effective ways to persuade, offer constructive criticism, and provide advice

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