Coaching Association of Canada


Tennis Canada offers the following NCCP workshops:

Club Pro 1: This 9-day course provides tools to be successful in the 5 key roles encountered as an assistant professional at a year-round facility (Teacher, Trainer, Coach, Play Coordinator, Professional). Candidates will gain competency in on-court activities (e.g. feeding, drill structures, increasing teaching effectiveness, etc.) directed to 1.0 – 3.5 level players, as well as general off-court skills (lesson planning, customer service, client communication, etc.).

Coach 2: This 25-day cumulative course is for committed coaches working with competitive oriented juniors up to international U12 standards. During this high-performance course, you will develop a strong global foundation to develop competitive players aged 6 to12, with the ultimate goal of increasing the pool of U12 players in Canada with international profiles.

NOTE: You must be certified Club Pro 1 and have a minimum level of play of 5.0 to take Coach 2.

Coach 3: This 30-day cumulative performance coaching course is suitable for committed coaches working with high performance juniors through the Consolidating Stage of development according to the Tennis Canada LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development). A Coach 3 is a high performance athlete development leader who demonstrates the highest qualities of integrity, dedication, commitment and skill towards developing top international Canadian tennis players. Coach 3’s are passionate and relentless in pursuit of developing and applying a high performance training environment with the components required for athletes to progress successfully through the Consolidating stage.

Instructor Course: This two-weekend workshop is perfect for individuals who want to work in parks/recreation departments or seasonal clubs with introductory junior players of level 1.0 - 2.5. Coaches or volunteers new to the sport will be able to run group lessons, cooperative drills on numerous courts, and learn basic tennis tactics, strategies, and rules.

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