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Abuse-Free Sport Program

An overview of available support services.

Abuse-Free Sport

Abuse-Free Sport is an independent program that is part of a growing national movement to rid Canadian sport of all forms of harassment, discrimination, and abuse. As a program signatory, Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) is an active player in this movement.

Unlike the previous approach, where each national sport organization created its own system for dealing with complaints of maltreatment, this is a centralized “one-stop-shop.” It is independent and led by experts in their fields, using education and research to prevent maltreatment at all levels of sport.

The Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC) serves as the central hub. It operates independently to administer complaints about alleged violations of the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS).

Where there are admissible allegations of abuse, harassment or discrimination, the Office conducts independent investigations and recommends sanctions against individuals who violate the UCCMS.

The Office will also maintain a national sanctions registry, which prevents individuals from evading sanctions by moving to different sports or to different jurisdictions.

For designated participants within our organization, there is access to a wide range of resources, including victim services and referrals to specialized mental health professionals and experienced lawyers – all of it available in English and French. You can access the website by visiting

Abuse-Free Sport Helpline

1-888-837-7678 – 

How to report abuse

As of January 20, 2023, the CAC is a program signatory of OSIC. OSIC is responsible for administering the UCCMS and for overseeing complaints for matters under the UCCMS involving UCCMS participants.  

UCCMS participants under CAC jurisdiction include CAC employees, members of the CAC Board of Directors, volunteers, contractors, and CAC-hosted event participants.  

To report an incident or file a complaint relating to maltreatment as defined by the UCCMS, visit

For complaints relating to violations of CAC policies, please contact the Independent Third Party of the CAC, Jeffrey Raphael by email at


CAC’s Safe Sport Training is an accredited education program of the Abuse-Free Sport program and is aligned with the UCCMS. 


Additional Support Services available:

Download an overview of available support services (PDF format)

If you have a concern about a child and and want to speak to someone, contact the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. If you suspect abuse, report it to your local child welfare agency and/or police.