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Introduced in 2000, the Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching provides timely, accurate, targeted information to aid in creating a healthier and more positive environment for women coaches – in Canada and around the world.

A tribute to the leadership of women coaches at the Tokyo Games

March 2022 - Special Edition Issue 5

Bev Priestman on delivering gold

For Canadians, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games reflected the growing presence of women as outstanding athletes and as medal-producing coaches. For the women coaches, the numbers were small – 22 out of a total of 131 coaches at the Olympics and 10 out of 43 at the Paralympics were women – but their impact was powerful, not only in terms of medals but as exemplars for girls and women who aspire to join the profession. To honour and to celebrate, the Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching proudly profiles five of these women throughout Women’s History Month in March 2022 - inspirational, accomplished, and wonderful role models for the next generation. - Sheila Robertson, Journal editor.

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