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Developmental Pathways in Disability Sport

Culver, D., Duarte, T., Fournier, K., Konoval, T., Shaikh, M. & Sjluka, V. (2021)

A scoping review was conducted of the research over the last two and a half decades on coach development opportunities (CDOs) for coaches in disability sport. The review focused on two research questions:

  • (RQ1) What can be learned about the planning, delivery, or impact of disability sport-specific CDOs?
  • (RQ2) What barriers and facilitators do coaches in disability sport encounter when accessing CDOs?

The three-phase process of screening yielded 32 records out of the initial 1406 records found. These records related to learning activities, pathways, preferences, perceptions, or experiences to learning and development of coaching within para/disability/adaptive sport or as coaches with a disability.

This criteria were across all sport settings, although 15 records were based in elite contexts. 26 records were qualitative, five quantitative, and one mixed methods. 13 were conducted in Canada, nine in the United Kingdom (UK), and six in the United States (USA). Eight records (6 UK, 2 USA, and 0 from Canada) corresponded to RQ1 about specific approaches to, and coaches’ opinions of CDOs. All records offered some insights into RQ2.

In conclusion: (a) Research specific to assessing or evaluating specific disability sport CDOs is non-existent in Canada, (b) research about pathways for coaches with a disability is almost non-existent, (c) a wide range of CDOs of different lengths, content, and pedagogical approaches is optimal to meet the needs of two important groups of learners.

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