Coaching Association of Canada

Rule of Two

The goal of the Rule of Two is to ensure all interactions and communications are in open, observable, and justifiable settings.

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A safe sport environment ensures that all participants including coaches, staff, and administrators apply the Rule of Two.

The CAC’s Understanding the Rule of Two eLearning module outlines how you can increase the safety and security of sport participants while protecting all those involved.

Security in Numbers

When following the Rule of Two, two responsible adults (a coach, staff, parent, or screened volunteer) are present with a participant. There may be exceptions in emergency situations. Check with your sport organization as to how the Rule of Two is enforced.

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How the Rule of Two works


Work as a team
A coach should have another coach or screened adult (parent or volunteer) present when interacting with participants.

Remain open to the public
Have a training environment that ensures all situations are open, observable and justifiable.


Plan transportation
Have at least two adults present when traveling with a participant(s), and refer to your club travel policy.

Be sensible
Be considerate of the gender of the participant(s) when selecting coaches or volunteers.

Transparent communication
Ensure that all communications are sent to the group and/or include parents or guardian, without one-to-one messaging.

Rule of Two in a virtual setting

The Rule of Two in Virtual Settings

In addition to the recommended guidelines, virtual training sessions also entail the following:

  • Record each session
    Meetings should be in a professional setting (i.e. not a bedroom).
  • Parental awareness
    Obtain consent for virtual sessions, plus inform parents of activities that will occur.
  • Weekly debriefing
    Encourage regular check-ins with parents, coaches, and participants about the virtual training.