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Examining the Impact of Coaching Apprenticeship Programs

January 4, 2011

Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching

Personal experience strongly supported the conviction that apprenticeship programs designed by and for women coaches would be instrumental in expanding both numbers and skill sets. Several years after the launch of two such programs, participant response upheld that belief, but formal authentication was deemed essential if the programs were to continue.

The resulting article provides solid evidence of the value of each program, of the professional development vacuum each fills, and of the importance of continuing and expanding such programs and thereby contributing to the overall health of sport in Canada.

Examining the Impact of Coaching Apprenticeship Programs

Two apprenticeship programs for women coaches that have been operating for several years recently conducted evaluations on their impact. Although anecdotally and intuitively the programs seemed to be on target, the Coaching Association of Canada’s (CAC’s) Women in Coaching Program (WiC) and the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA) wanted evidence that their investment was delivering the desired results. While the evaluations reveal that both programs are having a positive impact in terms of supporting women to continue coaching, this article goes beyond the numbers and gets the perspective of eight coaches who have been participants.

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