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Tips for talking about mental health (even when it’s hard)

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For many individuals, discussing mental health plays a pivotal role in nurturing their overall well-being. Opening up about thoughts, feelings, needs, and hopes related to mental health can be incredibly enlightening and empowering. However, what if those closest to you feel uneasy or uncertain about broaching the topic? Kids Help Phone offers invaluable tips to help you initiate a meaningful conversation about mental and emotional health with someone you trust.

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The CAC's Mental Health and Sport Resource Hub's evidence-based resources help coaches and athletes navigate complex mental illness and mental health challenges with competence and confidence.

The Coaching Association of Canada is thrilled to announce that the Mental Health and Sport Resource Hub was officially launched on Thursday, February 16 at noon ET. Enter your email below to receive notifications and to be the first to receive news and updates. If you have questions, please reach out to

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The Mental Health and Sport Resource Hub aims to empower and equip coaches with educational resources to support their mental health literacy, both with a focus on self-care and supporting their sport participants. To submit your resource or event for consideration, review the Criteria for Eligible Resources and Events and complete the submission form.

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Mental Health Support Services

If you are experiencing an emergency or are in crisis, please call 911 or call/text 988 to access the mental health crisis hotline. If you are experiencing a non-emergency crisis, click the link below to access a list of support services.

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