Coaching Association of Canada

The CAC has created the Sport Coaching Research Network in Canada (SCRNC) as an essential part of its Research Strategy. The SCRNC is a group of faculties and students interested in sport coaching research and supporting the purpose of the Network, which is to foster a research culture that supports knowledge mobilization and collaboration for evidence-based decisions in sport coaching. As we strive to enhance knowledge mobilization in coaching programs, policies and practices, as well as research collaboration and opportunities, the network offers a bridge between researchers and practitioners.

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Members of the network support the implementation of the CAC Research Strategy and the development of its four areas of intervention. Generic examples are offered below for each area, as each year, different specific opportunities to contribute are offered. 


  • Collaborate with practitioners on sport coaching research projects


  • Participate in networking activities with other researchers, the CAC and/or NCCP Partners


  • Offer insights for specific CAC and/or NCCP Partners projects


  • Support the NCCP revisions with translated research
  • Translate research findings
  • Disseminate research findings 

All researchers and research students in Canada, interested in sport coaching research can apply to be a member of the network. As part of the application, network members agree to certain ground rules related to potential conflicts of interest, privacy and confidentiality, relationships, communication and conflict resolution procedures. Completed applications are automatically approved.

Advantages of being part of the SCRNC automatically include:

  • Privileged support from the CAC for research-related projects (i.e. disseminating calls for participants, letters of support for grant applications, dissemination of findings, connections to sport practitioners). Click here to Submit a Request for Research Support.
  • A subscription to the SCRNC newsletter 

Other advantages will be offered based on each member's involvement, such as: 

  • Impact to the sport system
  • Network with like-minded researchers
  • Collaboration on research
  • Connection to practitioners and practitioners’ priorities
  • Funding opportunities for targeted research projects (subject to application and selection)

Calls for contribution on different projects are disseminated to the members through the newsletter. Contributions are voluntary and tracked to ensure that collaborations created are inclusive and diverse.