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CAC’s Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching Editorial Board named to 2010 Most Influential Women List

January 19, 2011

The Coaching Association of Canada was honoured to see the Editorial Board for the Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching on the list of the Most Influential Women in Sport released Monday by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS).

CAC’s Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching Editorial Board members: Sheilagh Croxon, Guylaine Demers, Gretchen Kerr, Dru Marshall, Rose Mercier, Sheila Robertson, and Penny Werthner, were honoured for the work they did throughout 2010.

“The Coaching Association of Canada’s Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching is very proud to receive this public recognition from CAAWS,” said Sheilagh Croxon, a Consultant for the Women in Coaching program at CAC. “We will continue our efforts to make a positive and lasting contribution for all women coaches, at all levels of the Canadian sport system.”

This year’s list highlights the leadership, strength and accomplishments of Canadian women who made a significant impact in sport and physical activity in 2010. The objective of the list is to inspire and motivate other women and girls to take leading roles in sport and physical activity – at the community, provincial, national or international level.

2010 was a great year for the Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching. It continued to produce thought-provoking, interesting issues that covered some of the day’s hottest topics surrounding women in coaching. As well as tackling pertinent issues, the Journal goes one step further by providing practical, hands-on, and proactive suggestions and solutions that inform coaches, their employers, the parents of their athletes, and their clubs and associations. Above all, the Journal is designed to make sure that readers develop an understanding of the unique challenges women coaches face.

Amongst the issues published this year, a major highlight for the Journal and Editorial board was the publication of Taking the Lead: Strategies and Solutions from Female Coaches, an extensive and frank exploration of the values women bring to the coaching profession. Taking the Lead is a collaboration of the wide-ranging subject matter covered in the Journal over the past 10 years, reviewed and updated to represent current issues and views.

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About CAC's Women in Coaching program
The Women in Coaching program is a national campaign to increase the number of coaching opportunities for women at all levels of sport. Since 1987, women coaches across Canada have benefited from professional development grants, NTAP grants, and National Coaching Institute scholarships. The program also develops resources for women coaches including the Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching.

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