Coaching Association of Canada

The CAC is committed to developing and fostering an inclusive and diverse coaching environment for coaches and participants across Canada. A diverse coaching environment acknowledges the differences in age, gender, education, and background. It acknowledges individuals’ unique life experiences, qualities, and characteristics. 

An inclusive coaching culture embraces, respects, and values differences in people regardless of gender, age, racial background, Aboriginal background, disability, or sexual orientation.

Women in Coaching
Programs to increase the number of women in coaching at all levels of sport.

Aboriginal Coaching
Programs to educate coaches and recognize Aboriginal values within the NCCP. 

Working with LGBTQ Athletes and Coaches
Resources to help you make sport a more welcoming place for everyone.

Coaching Athletes with a Disability
Athletes with behavioural, intellectual, physical, or sensory disabilities.

Coaching Masters Athletes
Important guidance to help athletes stay active and competitive throughout their lives.

Looking to coach a specific sport?