Coaching Association of Canada

Background Screening

A secure sport environment is one where all coaches and sport organization leaders are screened to meet requirements to be involved in sport. Comprehensive background screening should be conducted at regular intervals to ensure that all coaches, volunteers and sport organization leaders meet important requirements to be involved in sport. 

What does background screening entail?

Background screening ensures that applicants to your sport organization such as employees, coaches and volunteers meet the important requirements to participate in sport activities. Screening includes comprehensive job postings, visible policies and processes, criminal record checks, interviews, and reference checks. All are equally important. Organizations are encouraged to determine the level of risk of an applicant and define/document how they will undertake to screen candidates.

Policy Development
Each organization must ultimately develop the policy and process they wish to follow to meet the needs of their community. The type of criminal record check a candidate needs, the validity of that check (in length of time), and the process they will use to address positive checks are at the discretion of the organization. Other considerations depend on the scope of the person’s involvement with the organization, provincial/territorial laws and human rights considerations.

Download the Background Screening Infographic

Screening with Sterling Talent Solutions

The CAC has teamed with Sterling Talent Solutions to provide an online criminal record check process at a low price of $25 (+tax) per applicant unlike  ~60$ which is the regular price. If you opt to do your Enhanced-Police Information Check with Sterling Talent Solutions, you will get your results within one business day. A Vulnerable Sector Verifications must be completed through your local police department and may take up to 3 months.  International checks are strongly recommended for people who have been outside of Canada for six months or longer, from each country or state they have resided in and regardless of Canadian citizenship.